Thursday, August 28, 2014

Irreverent sense of humor

I've mentioned before that my brother Shannon and I have serious health problems and that we make fun of each other and laugh about it. It's not mean, it's just the way we deal with it. Better to laugh than cry.
Having said that, here is a conversation we had on facebook earlier. The back story is that I had just received my monthly shot in the eye.
Me: My eye is on fire.
Him: I told you to stop standing so close to the stove.
Me: You are just racist! You think that just because I'm a woman I was cooking? I was vacuuming thank you very much... Oh wait... Scracth that.
You may not find that amusing but we laughed our butts off. :) Hope you are having a fun and funny day too. What do you guys do for a laugh when you are down? 


  1. What do I do for a laugh... Well, you may remember that I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in the summer of 2011, so basically I've been enjoying this never ending jet lag of mine. It's so much fun all I can do is laugh. It causes me to walk like I'm drunk, which I'm not. But I'm sure it must be a funny sight. Plus a year ago I was diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis making my entire world tremble 24/7 as if I'm staring at a heat haze. All I need to do is remind myself I'm still alive. That's enough to make me smile again.

  2. I can so imagine that Facebook conversation! :-)

  3. Wait, he is not racist...misogynist maybe.

    Shot in the eye? Dang you are one tough lady to laugh about that!

  4. Yes, sexist, not racist! (Continuing the above comment!)

    I love to laugh--stand-up comedians definitely make me feel better. So does reading or taking a walk around the mall.

    1. Some people would argue that men and women are different races... Mars and Venus... that kinda thing. Personally I think there are two races: politicians and honest people.

  5. Haha I love those sibling inside-jokes that others would find rather mean! Me and my sister do it all the time!
    When I feel down, I just watch loads of Jimmy Fallon videos online. Those make me laugh till I cry!

  6. LOL it can be funny if we make fun of ourselves. Also I agree with Blue Grumpster. only two races Politicians and honest people.

  7. Laugh is so good!
    So precious to have a lovely brother!

  8. Wait. You were vacuuming? If you can't see how do you know when you've gotten all the dirt up off the floor? What if you suck up one of the dogs? Or a sneaker shoe lace.... those things will burn out the motor... and make the house smell terrible!

    I think, for the good of all things, vacuuming should be left to the sighted MEN in the house.


    (PS I saw that in the feed... I so totally wanted to tell you to stop trying to curl your eyelashes with the curling iron.)

  9. Aren't siblings the best? My sister is my best friend in the world... :D

  10. Oh my gosh. You guys sound like me and my sister. We laugh often and loudly, often at each other's expense. I hope your eye is no longer on fire. And I HAVE burned my eyelashes standing too close to the stove! It's hazardous! :)