Friday, September 19, 2014

Slightly mentally challenged.

A couple of days ago while walking with my kids my son mentioned that I was over 40 now then began singing at the top of his lungs
"OOOOH your half way there..." I took a swing at him and we laughed as seems to always be the case when we are together. Later though I started thinking about what that little twerp had said. Am I? Half way there I mean. Have I reached that point in my life where I can actually say I am half way through it?
I have not done much with my life by most peoples standards. Oh sure I do some charity work and I am written a few things that have been published but what else have I done? I go through life picking up the pieces of everyone elses disasters, as all mom's do, but have I really done anything that when the day comes people will remember me? I know that is such a typical question, but for me it was a bit of a slap in the face. I've disconnected of late. To much sorrow in my surroundings for me to actually want to deal with it. 
Before you scold let me explain. One of my best friends has cancer, as well as one of my uncles. My brothers health is declining as we have previously discussed, my health sucks, my kids are getting ready to move away, which is normal. My Aunt has not one but two auto immune disorders that are devastating her body. My grandparents are not in the best of health, and my mother in law just had a heart attack, well technically she had one last month and didn't tell anyone or go to the doctor and is now in and out of the hospital suffering the consequences of her inattention to her health. 
You may think I should just move on. Shake it off. But it's a lot for me. I didn't even mention all of it because I can't. Am I depressed? No. I don't think so. I think I am trying to cope and figure things out. However, if I'm half way there, maybe I should stop trying to figure things out and start trying to do something productive. That is where my brain is right now. Please forgive any lapse of time and communication. I may be slightly mentally challenged at this point.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Wonder Woman story

Time is always of an essence it seems. However, most people do not take into consideration other peoples time. Just the time that affects them. Here is what brought me to this philosophical thinking. (I know. Big words.)
The other day I went to the store, I won't name the store but I will say they have a whole sight called "People of W..." I'm sure you can figure it out. 
I basically needed just a few items. Some melatonin, fruit, and one other thing that I forget. Anyway, as I hurried along to find the melatonine, I realized that there were boxes piled up in front of it. I had to decide which way to move the boxes, hoping that I picked the side where it was hidden. I didn't. I had to move all the boxes back the other way and grab it, then replacing the boxes. Next, I go to grab fruit. 
This lady and her husband decided to stop and have a debate about which way they should go, meanwhile blocking the entire aisle. I navigated down another aisle to by pass them. As I get to the register I notice that the same couple, where in front of me. 
The woman is holding a Wonder Woman halloween costume. No big deal except that it was tiny and she was... fluffy. The gentleman in front of them had exactly three items. Three things of salsa which he was arguing with the cashier about. He said another store had them three for 5. My first thought was...
"Why didn't you go there then." I shut my mouth tight as sometimes my thoughts come flying out of my mouth without my knowing it. There we stood waiting for her to take care of his stupid salsa, and he just wouldn't shut up. The lady behind me groaned and I followed suit.
Now it is Wonder Woman's turn. The cashier looks at the costume the at the woman and says
"Is this for you?" Wonder Woman's husband groans and does the international wave of hands that means
"Do you have a death wish woman? NOOOO!"
Wonder Woman flies into a rage.
"Why are you saying I'm to fat to wear this? It's my size!" She yells. The husbands head is now buried in his hands. The lady behind me snorts and I hear her mumble
"It's not even my size. Is she on crack?" I turn and look at the woman who was indeed half of Wonder Woman's size and I start giggling. 
I couldn't help it. She started giggling. Thankfully the lady in front of me didn't hear us. Pretty sure we would have gotten beaten down. Needless to say I stood in a line with two people in front of me each having a total between them of 4 items and it took me almost 25 minutes. 
I was thankful for the commentaries from the lady behind me though. She was a God send.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

remodeling takes time and patience. Guess which one I don't have?

Where to begin? Well last week was super busy. Obviously, since I made no appearance whatsoever!
It started with us needing dressers. Meaghan and Lily didn't have anywhere to put there clothes. The new neighbors up the street just moved into a 3 bedroom from a 5 bedroom and where having a huge garage sale. They had 3 dressers for 85 bucks and the best part is they were wood. Now you may not know this about me but I love, love LOVE, sanding and staining and varnishing wood! It's relaxing to me. I had a great time working with Phil on those. We decided to give our funiture to Meaghan which was given to me by my mom over 20 years ago. It's solid wood so it will last forever, and one of the dressers to Lily and keep two of the dressers for ourselves. That being said we didn't have a bed anymore. Well we had mattresses but nothing else. 
Low and behold my sister in laws sister, was selling her bed set. 
I was super happy!! So we redid that and put it in our room and now we have a brand new bedroom. However, working with Tim Allen/Phil can be trying. I make suggestions, he shoots them down then we end up doing the exact thing I suggested in the first place. The bed is white with blue panels. I suggested we paint the top blue too. His response? I don't want to sleep in a circus tent. So when we finished and looked at our work what does he say? 
"I think we need to paint the top blue. It doesn't look finished without it."
I didn't know if I should laugh or punch him. I just let it go.
As soon as I can find my camera I will post pictures. Then Sunday was my birthday and I turned old. I've never been old before so it was a weird feeling. I hurt all over. My throat was sore and I had a fever. This getting old things sucks. 
I found out that it wasn't because I had a birthday it was because I had a sick baby in the house and she infected us all. Whew! What a relief. Because if that is what getting old feels like I decided I don't want to. I feel a little better today and that is a huge relief.