Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I need a pop moment.

This month has been insanity. Two of our friends are moving within days, my sisters birthday is the 16th my son's birthday is the 22 and my daughters birthday is the 28th In the middle of all this my parents are flying in for my sisters wedding on the 14th and her wedding is actually the 18th. I feel like a chicken with my head chopped off. Add to this that I have started having hot flashes that makes me feel like someone doused me in gasoline and set me on fire, not to mention that they hit at odd ball times, like when I am out walking in 95 degree weather and you can see that life is wonderful. I have to say that I am super excited about this new chapter in my life. Oh yes. When they said this feeling of going through puberty can last for up to 10 years I almost asked to be euthanized. Gentlemen please don't judge me as for saying that. If you were my husband you might make that happen. The over sensitive feeling of ants biting my skin does not promote anyone touching me I can assure you. As for the other hormones raging through me 100 miles an hour God help me. I am up and down all over the place. Not pleasant. Sarcasm seems to be my main mode of communication in case you might have wondered. 
So over all everything is going well, except that I have decided God is definitely a male and is not very fond of his female creations. Why else would he have cursed us to go through child birth and menopause? Men have to work by the sweat of their browse. I'd willingly trade places. 
So be patient with me this month as I struggle through it. I will be in and out writing and reading blog post. I have not been murdered, kidnapped, or died, just trying to survive July. Then I can focus on this nonsense going on with my body. Planning on having a very serious talk with myself and pull my head out of my ass as soon as I am done writing this. If you hear a giant pop that sounds like an explosion, wherever you are in the world, know I have succeeded. If not just pray that I get it out of there before I suffocate. I have heard that it is a painful process.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Where did our give a crap go.

As most of you know by now I grew up in another country. I was born here in America and my parents are American however. 
Growing up in another country my parents taught us to respect the laws of the land, learn their culture and language, yet to remember our own culture an language. It was a hard line to walk yet they did it successfully. We always understood we were guest in France and that our real home was America.
On the 4th of July we celebrated Independence day and on the 14th we celebrated their Independence day. 
We didn't speak English in front of them but we spoke English in our home when we were alone. 
We had pride in America. It was the best country in the world. 
However, when I moved back here for school and to start my life here, I discovered that not everyone felt the same way. 
It was as if the American people were so used to their freedoms that they took them for granted. The signs in some of the places I lived were in English then in Spanish. People tried to make me speak Spanish to them when they were completely fluent in English. The word illegal was irrelevant. (still is) It seemed like these people that broke the law and came over without proper documentation, were rewarded with health care, food stamps, jobs and drivers licenses. 
I was baffled. No one seemed to care. No one seemed to mind that this great country was being run down and destroyed. No one seemed to care that the Constitution was being walked on or that our flag was being burned. No one seemed to care that others flags were flying above our own.
It seems that very few even noticed it was happening.
It still seems like that to me. 
However, I still love old Glory. I still listen in awe when the National Anthem is played every day at 5. I still love this country and still believe it is the greatest country in the world.
I still believe that wrong is wrong. I want others to feel some pride also. Don't get me wrong I know many feel the same way I do. 
I just don't understand why everyone doesn't. 
I hope this 4th of July, everyone will remember the real reason we celebrate this day. Remember the people that died so that we can be free and that includes all of our freedoms. I pray everyone take s moment to feel that surge of patriotism again. It is time to rebuild this country. 
We speak English here it is our language.
We fly our flag and no one eles belongs above it. 
Our rights are outlined in the Constitution and should be upheld by our government, not squashed and mocked.
Happy Forth of July everyone.