Friday, February 28, 2014

Catching up with you my friends..

In life the oddest things happen. They happen quick and in a furious succession that can leave one's head spinning. Since I have been gone for a while there are some things that I need to catch folks up on.
One, we moved on base. It is wonderful. People actually stop and let you cross the street, instead of using your crossing as an avenue for target practice. It's a beautiful thing. Not once since I moved has anyone tried to run me over.
Two, my grand baby was born on Dec 16th. She is a healthy, dark headed little princess named Lily. It was a rough start as she had a traumatic birth and had to be on oxygen for a couple of weeks, but over all she and Meaghan are doing wonderfully. She smiles every time she sees me and I love it. I think it is mainly because she knows I am about to do something completely moronic to make her laugh but that's fine. She is still smiling at me.
Three, I have had a series of surgeries on my eye's.
Little results with the first one's but the last one has allowed me to see a little more clearly. I am so excited about this! I had forgotten how bright and colorful the world is. After almost four years it is amazing to be able to see when my floors are dirty or that my grass is fried because they didn't fertilize it correctly! Seeing the mountains and the lake take my breath away! I feel like a new born baby just opening her eyes for the first time and seeing all the amazing life and nature going on around me!
Four, the boys are each doing amazingly well. Mr. P is about an inch shorter than I am now and he is only 10. I keep telling him I am going to get a bat so I can take his knees out if he is bad. After all in a year or so that is all I will be able to reach.
Kyle is already taller than I am and learning to drive. Mostly learning to drive me crazy. I guess that is normal at almost 17 though. :) He is a really good kid and I love him dearly.
Lastly Phillip is doing great. Got his promotion, and is being recruited by several different offices. He is currently turning them down as he is happy where he is at. Now that you are all caught up I will post something actually interesting tomorrow. haha.
If anyone can tell me how to allow followers I would be very grateful!
Until Tomorrow then!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just introducing myself.

Hello blogging world!
It has been a long time and this is a different blog page, but I am back!
Every blogger has a story to tell. Let's face it that is why we write. Life is all about stories if you think about it. History is a giant story. A phone call is a story. Television is a constant barrage of stories. Blogging is just the next step. As humans it is even more interesting as it is almost as if we get permission to read someone's personal diary. 
What, you might ask, kind of stories will this blog have? Why should I read it? 
So glad you asked. I mostly enjoy writing humor. I am sarcastic many times, and will not apologize for who I am and what I write. If I am not your cup of tea, no worries I will not be offended if you go elsewhere. I am writing for me anyway and do not expect anyone to really read this. :)
So now to tell you about myself.
I am a 41 year old, diabetic, mostly blind, so if I don't get to your blog's I apologize in advance, mother of three and grandmother of one. I am married to my best friend, and his is the only opinion that truly matters to me. 
I have written and had published three books, and have stories in three anthologies, one news paper article, one magazine article and am in a book of poetry.  Now that you have my credentials, and feel quite exhausted by this first post of boring nonsense, I will say adios for now and I will write a delightful piece of humor for your enjoyment next time. 
For now though I bid you adieu.