Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Its been a minute

Hi everyone! 
Sorry it has taken so long to get back on here. I have had a lot going on so this is going to be a bit newsy and hopefully I will be able to continue writing more regularly.
Last I wrote I had a lot going on and nothing has changed.
I had several more surgeries on the old eye and see a bit better. I'm wearing glasses now which is an improvement in and of itself. Also we had been very concerned about my daughter as she continued to lose weight everywhere but in her stomach and every pregnancy test was negative and her cycle was regular. We were afraid she had another cyst or tumor in her abdomen. We finally talked her into going to the doctor in November and the doctors agreed something was very wrong. They scheduled an ultrasound and when we went in my world changed, as did hers.
The doctor informed us that she was pregnant, and asked us if we wanted to guess on the due date.
Meaghan and I sat there dumb founded for a minute. She just kept shaking her head and I started doing some quick math. I spouted out
"UM Febuary?" 
The doctored smiled and said
"Nope. She can come tomorrow."
I about died. We had just donated all of my other granddaughters baby things.
"No. She can't come tomorrow. Can she stay in there a bit longer?" I asked totally panicked.
The doctor laughed and said she could stay in there as long as she wanted to stay in there. Fortunately, Autumn Rose was quite comfy where she was and stayed all weekend giving us three days to gather everything we could. It was a hectic weekend for sure. We did it and she came out a healthy 8.4 ounce baby with enough hair to make a wig out of. So now there were 7 people living in our tiny little house. Of course that couldn't work as Meaghan and the girls were all cramped into a small bedroom so we had to get her a place. The father of the girls, yes same lazy no good daddy for both, decided he didn't want the responsibility and has not helped out with anything to date. If I could drive I might beat him to death. Anyway, I started babysitting a 1 year old and an infant. Not much time to breathe much less write.
This week however, things changed. On Wednesday of last week I woke up and my chest hurt. After getting everyone off to school and work the girls and I played but the pain grew more intense.
I put them both down for a nap and called my husband to tell him something was wrong. My blood sugars were so high they were not even registering on my monitor and I couldn't get them down. He made arrangements to come home from work and I called my daughter. While she came back to get the girls I called a neighbor to come sit with me in case the girls woke up. 
When the neighbor arrived we sat there for a minute when all of a sudden I couldn't breathe. I used my inhaler but nothing was working. My daughter got there and rushed me to the hospital at this point, where my husband was to meet up with us.
I'll finish this in another post as this is turning into a book. Here's a picture of the babies to hold you over though. Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Yeah... pancreatitus... gall bladder... mild heart attack. If they haven't ultrasound-ed it, have them check your gall bladder to see if it's full. From what I've seen via FB and here, sounds exactly like what happened to me in October.

    The girls, as always, are beautiful. :)

  2. That's six months chock full of adventure. Hope it's all settling into a routine.

  3. That is all very scary. Please finish this with some good news. Thank you in advance.

  4. Wow, a lot has happened.
    The babies are very cute,. I wish them the best in life. May be the "Daddy" will come around and fall in love with them. Otherwise it would be his loss.
    I hope that all is well when you write the next time.
    Take care of yourself.

  5. OMG--just OMG (& congratulations)!!

  6. Well...that is more news than some people experience in a lifetime!

    Congratulations on the good news (the grand babies look adorable!) and good luck with the not so good news. Please take care of yourself!

  7. Welcome back! Wow! What a pleasant surprise and congrats on your new grandbaby... :)

  8. So glad to see you writing again! Congratulations on the new addition! She's perfect. ♡